Jinheon Baek

CV (Curriculum Vitae)

About Me

Hi, I’m an M.S. student in the Graduate school of AI at KAIST (MLAI Lab), advised by Prof. Sung Ju Hwang. I do research on Machine Learning with Graph Neural Networks in these days.

I finished my B.S. (Computer Science and Engineering) and B.E. (Software Technology and Enterprise Program) degrees at Korea University. During my undergraduate years, I had some experiences in software development with a start-up career.

Also, I am an outside technical director of Jobshopper ((주)잡쇼퍼), an AI-based education start-up company in Seoul, Korea. During one year of full-time work experience at Jobshopper as a lead engineer and researcher, I led the development and research groups of more than 10 engineers.

Research Interest

  • Meta-Learning
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Artificial Intellignece in Education


KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

  • M.S. student in Artificial Intelligence, Mar 2020 - Present.

Korea University

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, Mar 2016 - Feb 2020.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Software Technology and Enterprise Program (Interdisciplinary Program), Aug 2017 - Feb 2020.
  • Total GPA of 4.40 / 4.5 (98.9 / 100) and Major GPA of 4.48 / 4.5 (99.5 / 100)


  • Jinheon Baek, Dong Bok Lee, Sung Ju Hwang “Learning to Extrapolate Knowledge: Transductive Few-shot Out-of-Graph Link Prediction”, arXiv:2006.06648. [arXiv]
  • Hyunjae Kim, Yookyung Koh, Jinheon Baek, Jaewoo Kang “Exploring The Spatial Reasoning Ability of Neural Models in Human IQ Tests”, arXiv:2004.05352. [arXiv]


Domestic Journal (South Korea)

  • 박동현, 박용규, 장부루, 백진헌, 강재우 “음식의 재료들을 고밀도 벡터 공간상 화학적 조합으로 임베딩하기 위한 방법론 / Embedding Food Ingredients Based on Chemical Combination in Dense Vector Space”, 정보과학회 컴퓨팅의 실제 논문지 (KIISE Transactions on Computing Practices, KTCP), Vol.25 No.1, pp.76-81, Jan 2019.
  • 백진헌, 이다경, 홍채연, 안병태 “멀티미디어 유해 콘텐츠 차단을 위한 다중 기법 / Multimodal approach for blocking obscene and violent contents”, 융합정보논문지, Vol.7 No.6, pp.113-121, 2017.

Domestic Conference (South Korea)

  • 백진헌, 장광훈, 정소영, 박동현, 권기원, 강재우 “대학 내 학과 분석을 위한 학과 및 수업 임베딩 / Embedding Academic Majors and Lectures for Analyzing Departments in University”, KCC 한국정보과학회 2019년 하계학술대회, Jun 26-28, 2019.
  • 박동현, 박용규, 장부루, 백진헌, 강재우 “음식의 재료들을 고밀도 벡터 공간상 화학적 조합으로 임베딩 하기위한 방법론 / Embedding Food Ingredients based on Chemical Combination in Dense Vector Space”, KCC 한국정보과학회 2018년 하계학술대회, Jun 20-22 2018.


  • ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), Daejeon, Korea

    • Trainee of Research, Smart Data Research Group, Intelligence Information Research Division, SW·Contents Research Laboratory. (Jan 2019 ~ Feb 2019)
    • Research Open Data Distribution Platform based on international standards (SODAS: Smart Of Data As a Service).
  • Jobshopper, Seoul, Korea

    • Lead Software Engineer (Jul 2018 ~ Dec 2018)
    • Jobshopper ( (주)잡쇼퍼 ) is a Korea Education Technology Startup foucs on Career for Students.
    • Developed & Operated three web-services.
      • Jobshopper
      • Majormap
      • edu0830

Extra-curricular Activities (Selected)

  • Microsoft Student Partner

    • Developer (Jul 2016 ~ )
      • Educated Developers mainly on Azure, Machine Learning.
      • Developed Management Platform for welfare institution focus on attendance of people using face recognition.
    • Lead (Jan 2017 ~ Feb 2018)
      • Planned monthly seminar and reviewed technical contents of each team with Microsoft Employees.
    • Global Summit Program Representative of Korean (May 2017)
      • Conducted a role as a technical ambassador of Korean Student Partners.
  • Inc0gnito Hacking Conference

    • Chairman (Jan 2018 ~ Fec 2018)
    • Inc0gnito is the largest information security conference in Korea organized by university students.
    • Organized conference covers various techs, news and trends on information security area, which also aims the goal of being a meeting place of future information security specialists.
  • SW Maestro

    • 8th Trainee (Jul 2017 ~ Dec 2017)
    • SW Maestro is the largest government-funded project to train talented students on software at Korea.
    • Researched & Developed Automatically Blocking Obscene & Violenet Movie Contents using Machine Learning.

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Stepping Stone

    • Scholarship Board Member (Jul 2016 ~ Feb 2019)
    • Stepping Stone is the Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation Scholarship Student Board.
    • Connected foundation of the Samsung Dream Scholarship with scholarship students.
    • Planned and promoted various programs for scholarship students.
  • KUICS (Korea University Institute of Computer Security / Club)

    • Chairman (Jul 2017 ~ Feb 2018)
    • Vice Chairman (Sep 2016 ~ Jun 2017)
    • Taught Basic Security to freshman.
    • Organized and participated in study groups, CTF contests and external relationship with other security clubs.
  • Korea University College of Information Student Board

    • Chairman of Education & Welfare Division (Mar 2017 ~ Nov 2017)
    • Member of Education & Welfare Division (Mar 2016 ~ Nov 2016)

Teaching and Speaking Experiences

  • Teachning Assistant at the Korea University

    • Worked for Computing the World in General Subject. (Mar 2017 ~ Jun 2017)
    • Assisted computational thinking, python and block-coding system (Entry-board) for non-major student in Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Microsoft Student Partner Activities

    • Introduced concept of Machine Leraning with basic algorithm and code, Microsoft Coding Education Volunteer Group Seminar. (13 Jul 2018)
    • Introduced concept of Machine Learning and Deep Learning with basic algorithm and code challenge, Microsoft New-Comer Tech Seminar. (25 May 2018)
    • Introduced IaaS (Intrastructure As A Service) of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft New-Comer Tech Seminar. (17 Apr 2018)
    • Introduced Machine Learning using Azure Machine Learning Studio with Basic Machine Learning algorithm, Microsoft Student Partner Evangelism Activity. (27 Nov 2016, 25 Nov 2017)
    • Introduced Microsoft AI Technology, Cognitive Service, and Serverless Cloud Service, Azure Function, using JavaScript and Python, Microsoft Student Partner Evangelism Avtivity. (04 Nov 2017)
    • Introduced Microsoft Face Recognition Login System built in Windows 10, Windows Hello, Microsoft Student Partner Inner Tech. Seminar. (06 Oct 2016)
    • Presented more than mentioned above.
  • KAIST ICISTS Experience Session

    • Participated and Held Experience Session in the capacity of Microsoft. (01 Aug 2017)
    • Introduced Microsoft AI services.
    • Made simple web game that recognizes face emotion using Microsoft Cognitive API to promote Microsoft AI services.
  • KUSISWALL Seminar

    • KUSISWALL is a joint seminar of Korea, Sookmyung, Hanyang University on information security.
    • Presented the topic of phishing website detection using Azure Machine Learning. (02 Feb 2018)
    • Presented the topic of security issue of Hash encryption and Linux password. (25 Jun 2016)

Volunteering Experiences

  • WoonWha

    • Korea University Education Volunteer Club, Mathematics and Homeroom teacher. (Jul 2016 ~ Jul 2017)
    • Volunteered for a children vulnerable to education due to family circumstances, twice a week that ranks almost 300 hours.
  • Do-Dream

    • Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation 5th Overseas Volunteering, Volunteer. (Jan 2017)
    • During two weeks, volunteered for Cambodia contryside children by building school, sharing culture and teaching children.

Honors and Awards

  • Prize in SKT & SKB (T&B) Code Challenge. (08 Aug 2018)

    • Developed content recommendation algorithm based on historical data of oksusu/B tv content viewed.
  • Second Prize in Microsoft Student Partners X AI Anna Prediction Model Challenge. (03 Mar 2018)

    • Developed payee prediction model based on dating application data.
  • Second Prize in Microsoft Student Partners (25 Feb 2018)

    • For excellence in Microsoft Student Partner Evangelism Activity as a team leader in Korea during the second half of 2017.
  • First Prize in Microsoft Student Partner Korea (May 2017)

    • Global Summit Program Representative of Korean.
    • Conducted a role as a technical ambassador of Korean Student Partners.